Edward M. Wysocki, Jr.

Author Researcher

An Article About Articles

If you look at the second page of this website, Analog Anniversary, you will see the story of how I was able to get my first article (as co-author) into Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

The Analog Anniversary page also relates that, at a symposium in Brooklyn, NY on December 12, 2019, I delivered a talk on how fact articles came to appear in Astounding Science Fiction and then Analog.

I then submitted an expanded version of my talk as a possible article to Analog. It was accepted, and "Just The Facts: How Articles Came to Astounding" may be found in the November/December 2020 issue.

My second appearance in Analog, but my first solo success.

The article looks at how articles first appeared in Astounding when F. Orlin Tremaine was editor and then were continued by his successor, John W. Campbell, Jr. The article also looks at the articles that appeared during Campbell's tenure as editor. The most prolific authors of works of non-fiction are identified. Some names may be familiar; others may not be.

The situation is a bit self-referential - an article in Analog about articles in Analog (and Astounding, of course).

The article appears on the "Just The Facts" page of this website.